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Which Drawings Do I Need? Planning Or Permitted Development?

Trying to make your vision a reality can feel daunting, here at DSG Architecture we try to make this process as simple as possible.

What drawings to you need?

Existing Drawings - DSG will complete a digitally measured survey of your property and create an 'existing drawing', this will be used as a benchmark for all future drawings.

Feasibility Drawings - Using the survey drawing and an idea of what you wish to achieve we will provide feasibility drawings displaying various design options for your comments.

Planning / Permitted Development Drawings - Drawings will be created to your specification and designed to meet local planning guidelines, these will then be submitted to the council for approval.

Building Control Drawings - Once planning has been approved, a set of more detailed drawings will be created. These drawings will be submitted to Building Control for their approval to ensure that the design complies with the latest of Building Regulations and will fully incorporate a Structural Engineers design. Along with this, the drawings will be fully detailed and dimensioned meaning that it contains all the information that a builder will need to construct your project.

Do I Need Planning Permission or Permitted Development?

Permitted Development

As a homeowner and in most cases your house will have 'permitted development rights', these rights allow a homeowner to make alterations to their property providing they meet a set criteria, for example (subject to local council and house type); a development extending 3m to the rear of a property (single or double storey) can be completed without the need for planning permission which can save time and money. 

DSG Architecture use the comments above as a typical example, it is always recommended to check with your local authority before any works are completed. More information on permitted development can be found here

Planning Permission

Any works which are outside the boundaries of permitted development such as works to the principal (front) or side elevation or on the rear (which extend further than the allowed distance) must gain planning permission before any works can commence. This process normally takes 8 weeks and will require drawings showing the property location, site plan, floor plans (existing and proposed) and elevations (existing and proposed). Once submitted DSG Architecture will be your agent throughout the process liaising with the council as required.

Further information of the planning process (Birmingham) can be found here . 

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